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Country ribs

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So I picked up some country ribs at the local store today.


I knew they were not for dinner today, but I wanted to smoke them for use this week for making other things. With that in mind, I kept the seasoning pretty basic: Salt, Pepper, and Powdered Ginger.


I threw them on about 3:30 this afternoon, and plan on removing them around midnight The ECB has been pretty temperamental about holding temps today, and I have been babysitting it...I  was using the Minion Method, until the ECB started having its own way with things...


I'm using B&B Lump and Hickory chunks


I would post some pics.... but I ain't lifting the lid... ;)

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Wow , 9 hours on the ECB ? What temp is it holding? Are the CSR's just on the grate , or are they in braising liquid?
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9 hours -15:30 - ~00:30

Temps between 200 and 300.. Most times it will settle down and cruise around 225-250

Salt, Pepper, and Ground Ginger on the pork

Top Grate

Just water in the pan


At in the last hour, I used the remainder on my Yakitori Glaze on it (see the grilled chicken section for more information)


They smell great, and will probably be used for soup, pasta, breakfast, etc

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