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Sorry I haven't been posting much, my Computer connection has been in a hlding pattern and I don't get to the Son's that much. This should change in a few days.


Till then, I'll in the Smoke.



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WAY! HEY!  Hello my friend.  I am glad to see you back in the fight for old school and stick burners.  If you haven't noticed we now have a U.K. Group.  I asked Jeff to think about it and the next day he said good idea, I'll make you Group Leader and I'll get it set up.Oops.gif  Be careful what you ask for.  :icon_biggrin:  I thought it'd be a good idea for someone to take on???????  :icon_biggrin:  It has been fun getting the group going.  I will need your help I am sure my friend.  I am glad you are back so that I can pick your brain when I get in over my head.  Jump up and down on your internet providers head and tell 'em you have folks counting on you.  Keep Smokin!


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