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Test Turkey

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I brined a 12 lb turkey yesterday in cranberry brine.  I used the bacon butter rub from Jeff's newsletter and popped it in the Rectec this morning.  Used maple and cherry pellets.   Smoked breast down  for 1 hour at 180 for a little extra smoke then up to 300 for the balance of the smoke.  Just pulled the bird out 15 minutes ago.  Skin is crispy and turkey is tender and very juicy. 




I bribed the dog to wear the turkey hat - he got a couple pieces of turk turk for his trouble.



and the sandwich -


turkey, maple bacon, apple on a fresh baked biscuit.  Yum!


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That turkey looks awesome!

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Looks awesome. yahoo.gif
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How long total time?

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Nice , Truk - Truuk , LOL :drool

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