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Lox--From fish to dish. With Q-view

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Cured and smoked some salmon over the past few days. Tossed in some Colby Jack cheese while I was at it. I used Bbally's method, and cold smoked 4 hours with a tube smoker and apple pellets. I gotta say, it turned out really well. It's briney and smokey without being overpowering. The fish flavor comes through, but again, it's subtle. The mouth feel is velvety and just plain awesome.  This was a test run with just over a pound of grocery store, farm raised el cheapo salmon. I'll definitely be doing this again with some higher quality fish.



The finished cheese. Made the mistake of tasting it right outta the smoker. AAACK!!! I'll revisit that in a couple weeks.


The salmon after curing and freshening. I didn't get any pics of the curing process because I just kinda didn't think of it. The black specks are pepper that didn't rinse off.



On to the mini with the tube smoker in the fire basket. That thing astounds me. Exactly 4 hours of perfect TBS on one load of pellets.


Just left the smoker in the granny cart, easier to move around and since there's no heat nor need to access the bottom, no need to remove it.


One hour in.


Temp stayed at 55 for about an hour, then started to climb. Finally peaked at 88˚. I can live with that.

2 hours in . Pulled the cheese at this point.


All done. 4 hours of apple smoke. Tightened up nicely, though the outside is a slight bit leathery. No biggie though.

Sliced up after an overnight rest. Had planned to have some last night for dinner. but the wife has a cold so decided to save it. Will have it for Sunday brunch. Now I just gotta make some bagels....

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Looks great :drool:I believe you nailed it. YES let us know with a better fish when you do it.

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That looks terrific!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Thanks folks! I've been nibbling on it all day, it's pretty tasty.

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The long awaited brunch!!

Unfortunately I ran out of steam before I made bagels, so these are from the bakery. Get it? Ran out of steam?!? Hahaha!!

<<chirp chirp... chirp chirp>>

Anyway, here it is.


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Nicely done

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Not sure why it looks like the middle of the salmon is discolored. It was only very slightly darker than the rest in person, I guess I upped the saturation on the photo and that exaggerated it.

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It looks spectacular on the brunch plate too! How great!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Ok, last one. Since I wasn't sure how long this stuff would keep, I figured we'd better do our best to finish it this weekend.

Why not make a little fatty, of sorts?



I think I'm gonna call it the Manhattan roll. Lox, cream cheese, cucumber, thinly sliced shallot and capers.

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Gorgeous!!!!!!!! Cheers to today! - Leah

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Now that's a breakfast!!!

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