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Mesquite , Hickoy, and Oak are your hards smokes .... used for the 12 to 24 hours smokes. Mostly beef, and sometimes some pork. Once you get used to your smoker you'll be able to regulate the hard smokes for all the meats if they are your favorite.


Normally for fowl, fish, and even pork its the ligher smokes, your fruit and nut trees. personally I favor pecan, but that is because I have 'em in the back yard. But also peach, apple, Cherry, walnut, maple, and I like Corn cob also.


Lastly, what I have seen here somewhere, maybe Jeff E-Message or a book.... Well from 100 to 140 IT, food is really susceptible to smoke, above and below it has diminished effects. 100 to 140 is when the food is the happiest, other than that you are just pouring the smoke to the stack mostly. Its all your call. Some like a lot of smoke.


Sorry I am guessing I am sorta a day late and a dollar short with the info. But not everyone sees smoking like I do.


Hope ya meat comes out great! Remember to enjoy the smoke.

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I just caught up with this thread and you got tons of good advice. I would suggest a pork butt or shoulder for your next cook.
And I have to concur with foam on the woodsmoke thing...mesquite and hick'ry are very strong...oak is strong-ish but I like it.
It's very easy to get carried away with the smoke at first , but you'll figure out what you like pretty quick. And the great thing about chicken...if you overdo the smoke , usually all you've ruined is the skin!

welcome1.gif, by the way.
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well...i am right at 4-4.5 hours...the bird, yes i peeked, is super brown...the internal temp is almost 175, which is just where the probe says it should be...the last coupla hours has just been a chunk of hickory now and then...


i have corn fritters ready to throw into hot oil...and bird is going to rest while they do...i will show a qview in the next post...


thank you for all your help, and suggestions...they are all taken to heart

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everyone's help was awesome!! my 1st bird was delicious!! we made corn fritters to put next to them, and now it is time to post some qviews...and like everyone said, i am now addicted to smoking...well, not that kind anymore, talking about smoking meats!!






thank you all again

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Have you signed up for Todds free E course on smoking? Its like 5 parts, and its a huge jump start into the basics of smoking.


It looks like a good smoke to me, I see juice in the pan so it wasn't dry. Could ya taste the apples?


Now you have to wait, for another opportunity to smoke again. Bummer........


Did ya catch yourself smelling your hands for that smoke smell? LOL

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The bird looks great. For the smoke remember you want thin blue smoke (TBS on the right) not white billowy smoke. The white smoke has lots of creosote in it and will make your food bitter.



Looks like you are off to a great start. I'd say ribs are next. They are forgiving and you can make them good by following some simple rules, but took me years to "perfect". I'm still working on the perfection part.

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For your first go round on a smoker, you did well, Congrats indeed


:drool:        :Looks-Great:

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Chicken looks perfect! Nice job. Now , onward to the Boston butt !!
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Looks awesome man!   Your making me hungry.   I never used to like white yardbird but smoked, its freaking aweome!  Job well done!

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thanks for all the thumbs ups, new goal is TBS...i will be doing a small pork loin today, and i have 3 turkey legs in brine for tomorrow...everyone nailed it, i am already hooked, and find myself shopping for different meats to smoke, and a food sealer!!


i sometimes wear out my welcome quickly, since i post a lot, i have a lot of time, and post WAY too many pics...


i have already read so much here, and told several of my friends about the site!!


thanks again!!

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Good news is we all love to cook/smoke, and see what others are making. So posting picture is not just ok posting pictures is the rule. :rules:




BTW Turkey legs huh? Check out this thread discussing removal of the tendons.

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Mosh, the more pictures the better!   Looks awesome man!

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About 2hrs at 225 and a coupla hickory chunks added one at a time when the last one was ash...rubbed only with Kirkland Signature sweet mesquite...absolutely perfect, moist and very smokey...smoky? I think smokey...
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Looks good man, you can see it was cooked well, you have even a small smoke ring which is tuff when smoking so low and fast.


Looks really good.!

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