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Reverse seared tri tip Q-view!

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Reverse seared a tri tip for the wife and I tonight.  Trimmed a bit, rubbed with evoo and simply marvelous peppered cow.  Smoked in the mes 30 with a mix of cherry and oak in the amps.  Took a little over an hour to reach an internal temp of 120 or so.  Fired up the weber gasser and seared on grill grates 2:30 per side and then another 1:30 per side to an internal temp of 130 deg.  Rested 15 min or so under some tented foil and then it was dinner time!  Came out great, very juicy and tender when sliced across the grain.  Thanks for looking.




Rubbed and ready to go.


After the smoke, ready for the sear.



After searing.


Time to eat!


Nice med-rare.


Dinner is served.

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Great job!


That looks fantastic...     :drool



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NICE!!! You gave it proper justice, all the way to the plating!!!


Makes me wanna hunt-down some more tri-tips...just did my 1st pair, reverse sear, a couple weeks ago...that cut of beef has far surpassed my wildest expectations in tenderness, flavor and ease in prep and serving. Great eating beef!!!




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Mmm...that looks delicious!  Very nicely done!  bravo.png



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What would it take to get a dinner invite? That looks delicious.



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That is almost perfection on a plate.


With that meat I would only make one change.  A bigger plate to hold more meat!


Good luck and good smoking.

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