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I like Oak for beef. Apple, cherry, or peach for poultry or pork. Hickory and mesquite are a bit strong for me but lots of folks use them.
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My smoker is charcoal, and I've been using natural charcoal and mostly applewood and hickory with the charcoal. Any woods give better flavors than others? Certain charcoals burn hotter/cleaner than others? Another buddy smokes and on occasion tries to get pecan because he swears it gives the best flavors. Any other ideas/preferences or favorites out there I should try?

I fire mine up with Charcoal put keep it going with Apple Wood for this turkey smoke. I have uploaded photos of my smoker if you want to have a look at it.


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Here is a good list that might give some insight of the character of different woods:
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The ones you are using a certainly good, I to like pecan, availability is good here, most any of the fruit woods do a good job.



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I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the feedback/knowledge already. THANK YOU ALL. And please keep the info coming. I love it and just after the first couple smokes I've done thought I was getting obsessed, but I feel I'm in the "right" company now.
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Variety is very scarce where I am, basics mesquite hickory apple cherry oak and some pecan chips. I've mostly been using chunks. Any online suppliers I should check out for more exotics?
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I'm new to the forum. Where might I find your brine/ideas?




I just uploaded my recipe. Worked awesome with lots of flavour. If you can not find it PM me and I will send it to you.



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