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First Smoke - Scarbelly and Greek style wings

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Well just got the meat prepped for the first smoke tomorrow. I decided to do half with the scarbelly’s recipe and the other half Greek style.




On the Greek wings, I grated about teen pieces of garlic. Each piece had a little left over so I threw that in with a stick of butter. I added some Greek seasoning and microwaved it till the butter was ready. Mixed it well and injected it in to about half of the wings. Took the grated garlic and rubbed all the wings with it.




So tomorrow, I’m firing up the smoker to 275 and letting it go for an hour and half or two with some apple wood chips. I will make sure to get the finished product photos up and let you know how they came out. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes on the site.

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Looks like it will be good eats!sausage.gif
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Got the wings out of the fridge a little before I put them on. I finished the scarbelly wings off with some creole seasoning. The Greek style got a dusting of Greek seasoning. Then I sprayed them with some olive oil. My hope is that will help to crisp the skin. We will see. 


Last shots before I put them in. I am noticing after an hour that the cooker isn't keeping the temperature at 275. It was around 250. Is that because I didn't have the water pan in it or is that just normal?








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After 1 hour and 45 minutes this is what I got. The only thing I will change next time is to up the hot sauce on the scarbelly wings and maybe a little garlic salt on the Greek ones. Both are very good! Now its time to take down Kentucky!!! Roll Tide!!!




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