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my first food post

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the meat..venison NY roast



the cajun blend



the broccoli greens from the garden..



little pork juice.




dab of hot sauce



garden veggies ready for the fire on the weber




greens slow cooking indoors, little S&P



reduce down the greens



Veggies and meat off the grill



little boat motor action on the tomatoes. little S&P, probably some cumin and whatever else i found in the groceries drawer



sliced meat after a good rest, nice light smoke ring



toss into a warm flour tortilla, meat sauce, greens, a dab of plain greek yogurt (this is where i add some heat for me) ...roll and fold



little toasty grilling action 



the reveal



thanx for looking

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Those look great! Green Bay is close enough for me to come and try

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