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Fatties for tomorrow!!!!

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(2) Thanksgiving fatties (ground turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce & gravy)

(2) Fatties with green peppers, vidalia onions, mushrooms & shredded mozz.

(2) Fatties with fresh mozz, spinach, tomato and a balsamic glaze.


Also throwing in 2 racks of baby backs into the UDS!!! Should be good!!!








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Awesome. Can't wait to see end product.
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Awesome that is looking great! I love how the bacon looks.
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  Can't wait for the finished pics!



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You all are my inspiration!  I made my first fattie yesterday and it was wonderful.  Seeing the pictures at the beginning of this thread made my brain go into high gear.  I just made fattie #2 (don't really like the sound of that :( )  It will be going in within the next 1/2 hour for lunch.  This forum is turning out to be my muse.  Thank you all!

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@Cathy - I'm glad my pics helped!    :icon_biggrin:


Here's the finished pics of today's fatties and ribs!......I was able to get ALL THAT into one smoke!!






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How was the cranberry and stuffing fatty? They all look really good.
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Everything tasted great, but I expected more from the Thanksgiving Fattie. I was expecting to get the flavor from the cranberry sauce, but I think it disolved into the stuffing and the sweetness wasn't there. Next time I think I will either put WHOLE cranberries in, or substitute it with candied yams and marshmellows!
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