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K, folks as i am new to this i need some info. I attempted a brisket this weekend flavor was great with just a basic s/p and paprika rub. smoked in the MB propane smoker for 3hrs and let it go for a total of 5hrs. pulled off with internal temp. 165. It rested for 2hrs prior to cutting. It was tough:th_crybaby2:where did i go wrong? Oh this was a 6.5 pound brisket from wally world. Or was that where i went wrong?

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Can't pull brisket at 165. Around 200 is where you should be. Brisket takes patience. And a general rule for a brisket flat is about 1.5 hours per lb although brisket can vary quite a bit. Try it again....good brisket is worth it.
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Also do a tenderness check. Using a toothpick or clean probe, stick the meat deep all over it and when it slides in with absolutely no resistance like going into warm butter it is ready.
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Gee rock is correct. 165 is just well done. Brisket is a tough cut... You have to cook it beyooooond well done. You have to let the heat break down all that connective tissue and render that fat inside the meat. Brisket isn't ready to pull off the fire til your meat probe slides into it like soft's a temperature thing , but it's also a tenderness thing. Keep trying.
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Ok, i will definitely make a reminder on temp. Do any of you think it was due to meat selection or can all brisket be great?
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IMO all briskets have the potential to be great. That doesn't mean they'll all turn out great. You just have to try to control all the things you can control.....and then you have to get lucky.biggrin.gif
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Slow and Steady...


You want to let that meat hit 200 degrees like mentioned this temp, the connecting tissue (which makes it tough) will break down...then when it does hit your temp, you will want to wrap that brisket and place in a cooler...let it rest for a few hours. 


Also, I have seen the temp plateau around 160-165...and stay that way for hours...don't fret...just let that meat cook.


Search around on all of this will find tons of brisket help.

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Hello, and Welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of good information and great people.texas.gif

Brisket takes a long time, and you need to let it rest after you pull it off the smoker.



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Alright ladies/gentlemen, The Brisket is on and i have me some great info from y'all at SMF. So six pack in hand, along with a new AMNSPTS so stand by for Q view tomorrow.

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Any pictures yet?

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why yes,  gary s. Sorry for the delay @250 pulled a small flat at 170 then foiled, and the big boy i pulled at 199IT then put into foil and pan (for juices). This all took 7 and a half hours.  I have a very soft, juicy brisket. Victory is claimed! And now to taunt my cousin with samples. LOL.

My Thanks to all who shared their expertise and trials and errors on this wonderful forum.:xrocker:


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That is a good looking brisket

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Thanks a million gary s.

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Very nice looking biscuit! Now for a treat, many times I will separate the point and flat on the packer, and cube the point...season with rub...and put it back on for a few hours...


Burnt....Ends :-) or what I like to call, meat candy!!!! The point is great because it is fatty and makes delicious burnt ends!

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Thank you BoneDaddy, As i plan to attempt the burnt ends next. Took samples of the leftover Brisket to work today and was happily pleased with all the comments from my co-workers!:banana_smiley:

As i have said if it was not for all the expertise and advice on SMF i may have never gave brisket a second chance.

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We will be waiting on the burnt ends



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did someone say burnt ends?? brisket looks good.
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Thank u, and as soon as i can i will have some pics of the burnt ends.
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