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Need brisket advice, please...

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smoking my first brisket in one day but I have a Char-broil 2 in 1 electric. It is kind of small and I need to get creative to smoke an 18lbs. brisket ( the old lady got a good price but bought half a cow in the process) Some possibility's include slicing it down the middle to create two full briskets. freezing one, and separating the point from the flat on the other, then fitting them in the smoker. Another more outside of the box idea is standing the brisket on end in the entire vertical smoker. I'm not sure about smoking it on it's end. The heat source on the Big East is all through out the smoker so the heat is even, but there is the fat cap to worry about.

Any ideas or thoughts on fitting a BIG brisket into a small smoker will be appreciated

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Hello Bob.  I think you have a great opportunity here.  I would cut  it in half as this is your first brisket.  Keep it simple with just salt and pepper or SPOG.  Separate if you need to by I'd try to keep it together.  BE PATIENT AND DON'T PEEK!  After the first smoke you will have the other half to smoke using maybe some rub etc.. See which you and the family prefer.  Good luck and don't forget the Qview.  Keep Smokin!


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Most folk way over think brisket! Yeah it's a big ole chunk of Mooo. I've smoked em from wood fuel, electric, oven, and currently use my ancient New Braunfels with the Turkey Fryer burner mod with a cast iron skillet over the burner for wood (I've a Brother who cuts wood, so I've an unlimited supply of pecan, mesquite, oak that I chunk up on my miter saw). I've cooked brisket at 185*-325*. It's hard to get an old metal smoker with a propane burner to only add 100* when it's already 100*+ ambient outside Texas air temp!!

I've found the biggest thing is consistency in the temp!!! You see saw that slab o beef and it'll taste worse than my 15year old motorsickle boot!!

I'd just pic one of the ones you've suggested and go with it! We're partial to light salt & pepper rub only, just lightly brushing it prior in olive oil to make er stick. Though yesterday I used salt with some garlic & pepper seasoning we had, as some reason, we're out of pepper.

I've separated the point from the flat, I've done em together, never even thought of splitting one down the middle. No idea why it wouldn't work though. Good luck! Just no seesaw and keep that temp within 5-10* consistent!!!

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So, what did you end up doing?


I would have probably separated the flat from the point, then if it still wouldn't fit, slices the flat in half...

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exactly what I did, and it worked perfectThumbs Up

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Hey Bob, got any q-view?







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sorry Bill no Q this time but it did end well, so next time I'll fire up the camera

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Originally Posted by Bob B Que View Post

sorry Bill no Q this time but it did end well, so next time I'll fire up the camera


Lookin forward to it Bob!

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