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JacK Daniels Rub?!?!

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Hello member, and loving the site. Hoping to learn and share on here! My question is, although I'm a fan of making my own sauces and rubs, occasionally I do venture out and test commercial products to sample what else is there. Recently, I found a box set of Jack Daniels products.... wood chips, rub, and a nifty apron to wear. Lol. I didn't expect too much, but found that the pork rub was really pretty good. Does anyone know the recipe for this...I'd love to tinker with it a bit and refine it a little more to my tastes. Thanks!

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Howdy....noticed that this is your first post here.  Would you mind popping over to Roll Call and introduce yourself?


You can find tons of recipes here too.  



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Finished the Roll Call. 

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I would venture to guess there is nothing special about the rub.  I am assuming it is red in color?


Just for your information, I used the recipe for Bilbo's rub and the ribs turned out awesome.  Great flavor profile, although I did tweak the recipe just a bit; I halved the salt and added a little of this and a little of that.  Here is a link to the recipe:  My wife said that the ribs were the best I have made so far as far as flavor.  I have used famous Dave's rib rub, along with more brown sugar, up until this point, but I didn't really like the celery seed in it, so I ventured out and made my own rub. My wife also said that the Famous Dave's had a weird kick in the end, and I agree.  Maybe too much cayenne pepper?  I don't know.  Either way, Bilbo's was perfect.

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Scooter... Yeah, it is red in color. Lol. Checked out the link....thanks. Will definitely try that out, for sure.

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