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This is my first attempt at smoking anything. They are rubbed down with my own mixture i came up with. made some homemade bbq sauce for them as well. Way better than any fried wings i have had the blacker they are the better they taste to me.

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Looks good! Try injecting them with a mixture of Franks hot sauce, creole butter, and beer. Super tasty!!!
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sounds like a great idea

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This post will get you pointed in the right direction:


You certainly can inject other stuff too for those that don't like it hot. Teriyaki, italian dressing, etc..


I like to inject mine with Fire water AKA: Acid Rain

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Nice! I've done the injection and it's great!

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Looks GREAT!


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Those wings look awsome!  Nicely done!  Like the others, I like to inject mine with a slight variation of the Scarbelly recipe...they come out tasty every time!



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Were you able to get them crispy?? I usually have to move them to a hot grill to finish them up.


Beefies and Wings 124.jpg

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some were crispy and they were so moist and juicy... kids and wife loved them

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The wings look Great!!!!
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  They do look good!  I like to inject legs the same way. More meat!



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