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Congratulations to the WINNERS - you both had great entries, and Thank You to everyone that voted! I especially appreciated those that voted for my Lobster Mac and Cheese, which ended up 4th place in number of votes, and was my first-ever entry!!! 

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congrats to the winners!! 

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Great smoke, still wishing I could sample each dish!  Looks-Great.gif

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Congrats to the winners. Job very well done. I would also like to thank the people that voted for my Manicotti dish. Was pleased with the result of my first entry. I'll see you guys next month and another big congrats to the winners. You guys earned it!
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Thanks everyone - I was surprised to come in second on the viewers choice - thought the lack of description would hurt me.  I'll be posting the whole story later today.

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Congratulations to All!

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Congrats everyone those entries look laripin' good! Outstanding!

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Awesome job!    Congrats on both dishes! 

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so whens the next one? itching to fire it up again.

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I am ready to get a little last showing was bad......

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Congrats you guys! dcarch has some mad skills! I can't wait til he breaks out the drimmel and does some of that fancy shmancy bone carving. 

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I would enjoy trying the recipes, is that possible?  Would appreciate someone pointing me towards the recipes.



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Originally Posted by Bandman45 View Post

I would enjoy trying the recipes, is that possible?  Would appreciate someone pointing me towards the recipes.


It is really up to the individual on if they post recipes. I am not sure if the winners posted theirs, but you could PM them and ask for it. If it was another one, I do not recall seeing anything posted for them. I did not post one for mine due to the lack of votes. So I figured there was no intrest in it. But I am sure if you put out which ones you are interested in, they might post it for you....
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Mouse over the entrants name.....  a screen will pop us..... click on "Threads Started" and see if he/she put in a recipe and process for his/her entry....      Dave

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Nice ... its really yummy and mouth watering

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When I hit that level of expertise, I'll start my own smoking forums.




Good job guys!

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