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Questions - Masterbuilt Cookmaster

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Hey everyone.


Well I have acquired a second smoker, an electric one, the Masterbuilt cookmaster, it was given to me by a friedn who never used it and saw my l,ove for smoking food via my weber smokey mountain.


My main plan for this is to use for vegetables for parties, overflow food, and winter smoking, but unfortunately she has no manual, so I though I would ask here.


For shorter smokes (wings/beans/vegetables) how full do you make the water and the wood compartment?


Which compartment is which? there is one closed one open.


Do you soak woodchips for this smoker>


I plan on breaking it in by smoking some wings on it for lunch tomorrow, and thought I should hit up this wonderful fountain of knowlesge for some answers prior to using it,.


Also got some monster beef ribs on sale today for sunday's dinner but those will be done on the weber. I'll post some pics if I can find my camera haha


Thanks as usual in advance, and hope everyone is looking forward to an amazing weekend!



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SC, morning......    I'd guess the chips go in the compartment with the lid....   close it to keep the chips from catching fire...   do not soak the chips in water, and try not using water in the pan to see how the temps are...



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Thanks Dave, I ended up downloading a manual, and thats what it said.



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