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Mac and Cheese stuffed Hamburger fattie?

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Anyone ever made a HB Fattie and stuffed it with Mac and Cheese?  Was reading older posts and saw where someone did a Fattie with HB, so had a brain fart.lurk.gif        Hey, if Betty Crocker can sell zillions of Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Helpers, why not whip up a Fattie?  Did a search and found them with side dishes of M&C, but not as a stuffing

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venture on my friend.. we'll be watching
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Happy smoken.


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Cant waitpopcorn.gif

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Sounds like a great idea. Is it ready yet???

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That does sound good.  Trying to decide on my first fattie.

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That's the beauty of a can put anything in it that sounds good to you!  Looking forward to seeing how this turns out...popcorn.gif



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Please try and please post!



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Just got back from the shopping trip.  I picked up some great ground sirloin for the meatloaf and spotted some 60/40 beef/pork blend burger I will try for the fattie.  Never used burger with pork mixed in, but it should be pretty tasty.  It looks very lean, so I'm undecided wheteher to wrap it with bacon or not.  I'm not too sure the burger would hold together well enough without the bacon wrap.  I will very likely do a reverse sear as well.   What say you Fattie gurus?  To wrap, or not to wrap?

Also picked a killer small brisky.  Gonna have some smoke rollin' this coming weekbanana_smiley.gif

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Everything is better with bacon.
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When in doubt, use bacon. Besides Mac and cheese and bacon... you will not be sorry.
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You guys got your wish.  I rolled one up this morning and put it on the smoker along with a nice Brisky.


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