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Brisket Day

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Hey all, been some time since I've smoked. I am doing Jeff's brisket. And he says after 6 hrs to put in a pan and add broth and rub and foil it. But my brisket is smaller and so my question for anyone is what would be a good temperature to do this part of the process.

And at what temp does the addition of smoke no longer necessary.
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When you foil it you are no longer able to add smoke, I'd say 160° I never foil. but that's about where everyone foils.

happy smoken.


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I usually foil my briskets at 165* and put back in to finish!



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Hey thanks all, that's about what I thought but just wanted a professional opinion.
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I'm doing a brisket flat right now as well. What's the best way to make some wannabe burnt end using a flat?
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That's a good question! Hope someone can chime in some ideas. I may try that too!
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I plan on just cubbing some up and throwing it back in the smoker in a foil pan with some sauce while the majority of the brisket rests. Probably will add a little broth to combat the loss of juices from cutting the chunk off...we'll see...
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Why would you waste a good flat on burnt end's ? Just sayin 

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I'm just experimenting. Plus the burnt ends are my favorite and if I can perfeft them with a flat it would be good to know for the future. Also its an 8lb flat that I am making without plans to have people over as of now.
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Yummy this at 160 just before I foil pan and covered it.
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Sliced, couldn't get a picture till after half was gone already but here you go. Best one I've done so far.

I made Jeff's sauce but did less brown sugar and added a couple of squares of dark chocolate. Yes it worked nice just that little bit o chocolate flavor was interesting.
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Glad you got you Brisky done , looks nice drool.gif.  just for kicks, take a shot at "No Foil" , following your temps. , you'll be good.


I wouldn't suggest that to an absolute 'Newbie' , but yours looked darn good . Seems time for that big step toward 'traditional' :





No foil(it was wrapped after the finish) , and it had great Bark and ( as you see ) fell apart.


A good reliable Therm. and Patience is needed , and a desire to step it up...drool.gif


Have fun and ...

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