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JJ's Finishing Sauce

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Hey everyone. Kind of new to the site but I have been poking around quite a bit and wanted to mention this.


I have two racks of St Louis racks rubbed down and wrapped in the fridge. Found the recipe for JJ's sauce and figured I would try it tonight on some left over butt I have from Thursday. Did the recipe exactly as listed yet I simmered it down to where it go to a nice glaze.


I'm waiting on the pork to heat up in the oven but I tried some of the sauce on a piece of potato bread and this is absolute money! I cant wait to put this on the ribs tomorrow and for my leftovers to heat up to eat some tonight!


If it finishes the ribs half as well as it came out tonight for my leftovers, I will be a steady preacher of this liquid!

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Welcome to the forum Zak. Glad you have already found one recipe you really like! Mike
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Thank you! BTW the leftover pork is out of the oven and myself, the lady and her daughter all love this as a sauce on the pork butt.


If my one year old was up I'm sure he would have a sauce covered face as well!!

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Ain't nothin better than to see a kid enjoying a meal. LOL. That's what we call the pawpaw cook reward: a big grin with BBQ all over their face!
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Take some time and search some threads.....You have only just began to find the treassures that lie ahead.

Happy smoken.


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Is meat side up or down the best method for the foil period?
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Well, the ribs were an absolute hit and my family said they are the best ones I have ever done. The JJ sauce was wonderful and used the foil drippings and leftover sauce as a dipping sauce after reducing it down to thicken it. Even basted the ribs 30 minutes before I pulled them off the ECB. I have pics for Q-view but can't figure out how to post them from my phone.

Will this same sauce recipe work well for a brisket? Plan on doing one next weekend.
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