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Best cut for pulled pork?

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Smoked a 5 lb bone in pork shoulder on brinkmann smoke n grill. 6 hours, kept the temp in the zone. 220-240.

it did not pull. came out more like pork loin, any ideas?

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What was the internal temp of the meat when you took it off the smoker? 

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and welcome to SMF. 

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You need to get the IT up around 200* for it to be pulled. My guess is you didn't get near that in only 6 hrs. You should plan between 1.5-2 hrs per Lb.
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is there different cuts off the shoulder?

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The shoulder has the butt and the picnic. IMHO the butt is the best for pulled pork for a manageable size. For a group the whole shoulder pulled and mixed together is great too.
And yes... you need to get to minimum 195 to 200 IT.
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