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Maverick ET 732

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I'm looking recommendations on how best to run the probe cables out to the transmitter on a Weber Smokey Mtn. 22.5. The manual says not to run the cables under the lid.

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I have an ECB, but I drilled two small holes just big enough for the probes to go through. I put one just below grate level for the surface temps. and one just above for the meat probe. Don't have a pic, but I can take one at some point and post it. I believe I have seen others that drill holes and then use grommets, But I just used a small file to clean my edges and I'm careful with the wires. Works like a champ. 

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I drilled a small hole in my Weber Kettle and agree don't smash the lid on the wires. I went next to the handle so I can hang the transmitter.

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