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New to smoking

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Moderator pointed me over here for my questions on the new smoker. Done plenty of direct heat grilling, but never smoked before. 


Yesterday I found a offset smoker on craigslist, bought it, and started working.  Today I did a bunch of cleanup work, paint job, and started some mods that I read online. 


Here are pictures from Today:

(as she came from Craigslist ($60))



The deflector... Hopefully this is right. 




Both mods are using aluminum flashing. Its a different color on the other side.  Assume that is ok?  Any chemicals should burn off... I hope. 



All Painted up.



Sanded and stained the wood parts as well, so everything should be ready for assembly and smoke tomorrow. 


A couple key questions for the pros here:

1. Are the mods ok, or do I need to do some other things.  

2. I bought 2 Kenmore Grill Temperature Meters (with leads) and plan on leaving them in the smoker (mounted just off the grate) I assume these are ok to just leave in the smoker as it cooks even though the literature says to put it in the meat. 

3. The Fire box...  so there is a small grate for the bottom of the firebox. Is that enough to make a proper fire? I've seen a lot about fire baskets, etc.

4. The Fire box (part 2)...  there is a larger grate in the fire box.  Could I put a tray of water on there for added humidity?  It that needed/smart/etc.?

5. I plan on dry running tomorrow to get a feel for the smoker.  Any other big gotchas I need to watch for with the offset? 

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I'll add one more question... Do you need to use a drip pan for most items?
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I have a vertical water smoker, so my water pan is my drip pan. Personally, if you have the space for one, then I would use one, unless you plan on cleaning the drippings out. The old fat and grease can get gross if left out in the summer heat.
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dwayner79 have you fired that puppy up yet? 

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I have...  started a few other threads.




and Here:


Been fun.

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