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Is there anybody out there?

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I saw this thread and got excited.  Then i noticed no one is posting here.  Hopefully that will change.  Hope to start a WV network.  

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Mountain BBQ -


I live in Texas currently.  Went to WVU back in the mid-to-late 1960's and was living in Beckley at the time.  Married a good ol' WV gal and we lived in the Elkview area (Pinch, WV actually) until my job moved us to Texas.  Did a lot of muskie (river) fishing on Elk River and Little Kanawha River.


I have a 22.5" WSM and a Brinkman smoker.  Been smoking now for about 6 years and love it.  I just retired and will be cooking more now.


~ Jim

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Im here.  Its snowing, but the smoker is rockin.  Anybody see this from the eastern panhandle, hit me up.

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Great to hear from some WV smokers.  I'm from the Huntington area, and really prefer using my homemade UDS.  I recently started smoking for small get togethers, and have had really good feed back.  I was curious and entered a contest to see where I stood, but realized a one man team is really a daunting task.  I did finish 12th out of 83 teams in my pork which made me some what happy.  Now I just want to do another one with help, and see how I do. 

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What's up yall I'm live in ashland ky but grew up in wv. I'm pretty sure I know mountain bbq lol. Anyway Merry Christmas yall and god bless .
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Smoked a ham today. Awesome flavor! Merry Christmas to you all.
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Hey Barney,

Yeah you know me.  Sorry I didnt see this earlier.  Been a while since I have been in this forum.

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I'm still here. Sorry about the delay. Im Smokin deer loin and a try at Mac n chese for thanksgiving. What you doin.?
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