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Some 4th of July Chickens (Third Smoke Ever)

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I decided to try something new for the 4th.  I am not entertaining so it's a good time for an experiment!  


I brined some chickens overnight in a simple low salt/brown sugar and water solution.  This morning I stuffed them with some lemons, apples, onions and garlic and coated them with a simple rub of salt, brown sugar, cinnamon and black pepper.  I was looking for a sweeter rub that didn't have much heat and couldn't find anything I wanted. I decided to just make something up on the fly and see how it goes.  I did not rub under the skin on this first attempt.  They are in the smoker now with some peach wood hovering between 225 and 275 as I go out there and adjust.  I am having a little trouble maintaining my tbs (as the temperature rises my wood keeps burning up) but I think I am getting some decent smoke.  I added wood twice and right now the chickens are a nice golden brown (they have been cooking just under 2 hours).


I will post some pics when they are finished and comment on flavor.



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Looking forward to your finished pics. I love some good yardbird.
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Gotta make us drool and show that q-view!



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The birds were at 175 after 3 hours.  I turned up the heat to 325 for 15 more minutes to try to get some crisp on the skin.  Final temp in the thigh area was 180.


Here's a pic!






2013-07-04 13.33.30.jpg 847k .jpg file
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Nice looking chickens!!!
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The chicken was fantastic.  It was smoky and tender all the way to the bone.  My wife and I absolutely loved it.   What's left of the first chicken will be some nice smoked chicken salad for lunch tomorrow.  Success.



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Did the 15 minutes of high temp crisp up the skin?

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I forgot to comment on that.  Overall, the skin was still rubbery but may have crisped a little bit.  Next time I would start the high temp earlier (maybe half an hour to 45 minutes) or just follow other people's advice and cook at 300-350 for 1-1.5 hours.  The meat was very tender and juicy, so I am a little reluctant to cook it at a higher temp.  Anyone have any input on that?



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You could also try finishing for the 15 mins on a hot grill...closer to heat and temps get higher quicker

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As some follow up... I used that left over chicken to make some chicken salad with just a little mayo salt and pepper.  Excellent.



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Your picture and descriptions made my stomach growl loudly, PapaJoe. Nice work! I'm feeling very inspired, thinking my smoker will see a couple yard birds in it come Saturday morning...

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Nice work , Papajoe.   I need to practice more of what I preach...Practice . . .icon_eek.gif


Keep up the good work and . . .

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