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Smoked Chicken Wings with Q-View!

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I did these a while back, but just now got around to posting them. I love me some chicken wings, but lately they have just got so expensive. So when I saw these on sale, I just had to get them!


First, I dusted the wings with rub.

Then on the smoker at 250.

Then I made the glaze.

I mixed 1 stick of butter with Blues Hog TN Red Sauce, Tiger Sauce, some rub and cayenne pepper.

Then I glazed the wings.

Oh man, these were good! They defiantly had that sweet/heat thing going on.

Thanks for looking guys! grilling_smilie.gif

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Wings look great now i have to do some with the ribs on the fourth, and your quote says it all.

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Mouth is watering, which I assume was your intent. Hot wings are hard to beat, I agree about the price, now-a-days I have hot drumsticks. Hey, and they are dark meat too!


Looks great man. Did ya wish for ice cream the next day?

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Excellent looking Wings. A little Blue Cheese Dressing and some Wing Sauce would be pefect...drool.gif

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