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I never think to take some photos of my pond stuff


Box Turtle in back pond, we had a bout 7 in the yard, now down to 2...all were rescues and folks would hear about us and ask if they could drop off their unwanted pet.

This guy climbs fences and loves smoked food.



Cala lily, one of my favorite flowers, I have an Australian variety that is coming up nicely.






  • Water Lily (Red Laydeker)




  • Gamecock Iris




  • Frequent visitor





  • Back pond




  • This guy is on vacation, he left the pond in the back yard and headed to the Koi pond in the front yard.He had to get up steps and through a fence.




This year I decided to grow veggies in the veggie filter, tomatoes, pepper, eggplant



I'll take some pictures and do a proper post.

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Nice looking ponds Sqwib!!!
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Nice job Squib! I have a friend that builds ponds and he always tells his customers that dragonflies are indicators of a health habitat.
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Very Cool SQWIB !!!!


Nice Job!!!




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SQWIB....those pictures are wonderful!  Gorgeous!  Thank you for sharing!



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love water features.........more info on the veggie garden filter.

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That's pretty cool SQWIBBY! Maybe someday I will invest in one.

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Hey SQWIB----That's not a real frog------He hasn't moved for 5 hours so far.




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Looks great SQWIB. Someday I would like to do a Upper pond and a creek running back down into my real pond. About a 200' long creek.

Happy smoken.


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Very nice I love the sound of a waterfall

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