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1st smoked yard bird, spatchcocked

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Didn't know what spatchcocked was, so had to read a bit. So easy and I think this is the way I'll do chicken from now on. Had good breasts at 167 and thighs at 186.


Did this on a short notice from the wife, so didn't have a rub ready. Just used some lemon and pepper and Tony's sprinkled about.


Read some threads on how to have relatively crispy skin and decided to do do it a bit on the hotter side and cooked at 305* with some apple wood.


I def. need to find a good rub as the Tony's was a little too salty, which was weird as that's all I ever use on turkey. Oh well.


Very tasty and juicy juicy and skin had a nice crisp to it.


1st spatchcock:







Off the smoker:



Plate with applewood idahoan taters , baked beans, and some texas toast;


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Any rub with little sugar will work great at that temp. As far as salt. I use a lot of salt so I can't help on that

Happy smoken.


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Hint: use Turbinato Sugar (Raw Sugar) , it carmelizes slower and gives the Bird that little sweetness it needs. Just sayin'.....

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You can go to any of the sugar mills in the area, talk nice and smile, and they will let you have raw sugar. Don't buy that expensive stuff in the store. Also realize that not all raw sugar is the same. They have different ways of I think the word is leeching it, that means different tastes. I don't know would the mill in Port Allen be the closest to you?


Oh, one last thing. Before you use it, make sure and run it thru a sieve, you never know whats been in your sugar. (seriously, chuckles ) LOL.. don't tell folks what you find.......


Nice looking birds BTW

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