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Not much longer. Fought with the thing to stay lit for some time. All total it's probably been actually smoking almost 2 hrs
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Should I throw it in the fridge or let it sit out?
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I smoke 3 hours and then vacuum seal and in fridge.
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Going to try 4 hours next time. Which needs to be soon.

Almost out.
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Here it is. Doesn't look real smokey but I only did half of my cheese in case I failed. Will try a different wood flavor this weekend. Learned some things along the way. Thanks for the help / company.
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Looks good to me.

Nice color.

I use maple for my cheese.

Let us know how it tastes.
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While you are experimenting, try this.


After you have smoked to your desired color or time.  Vacuum seal two samples of the same cheese. Place one in the fridge and the other in a area close to, but not to exceed 70°.  Allow to rest for the identical amount of time whether two weeks or two years, then sample.  Let us know your results.


Maybe the following will help.



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How did it turn out? I've been wanting to order some of the wine barrel
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Cool pics.  Wine pellets need to be spread out on cookie sheet at 250* in oven for about 20 min or so. Can't tell diff on smoke anywho.

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