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Smoking game birds

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We have pheasant breasts, chukker breasts and quail. I would like to smoke them all on my BGE.
How should I brine them and how long should they smoke at 240 or so? Thanks. Frank
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Frank , here's a good brine for the Birds :


Remember Game Fowl is leaner than domesticated Poultry and I usually wrap them in Bacon... let the Bacon get to rendering and go to your 165*F IMT.  Enjoy Quail and Chucker ,but Pheasant I'd rather just look at (pretty bird).

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Welcome to SMF.  Noticed this is your first post with us.  Would you mind going over to Roll Call and introducing yourself?





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I have never tryed a brine. I have done the bacon wrap and it turned out OK, but I was using a pit vice a smoker. Actually put some jalapeno between the bacon and the breast too.


I did ruin a friends entire ice chest of cleaned pheasants from a "Braska" pheasant hunt one year. He loved my smoked chicken so "we:" assumed pheasant was the same. NOT! Can you say pheasant jerky? This friend was also a good customer, talk about your hot water.


If you want smoked, I suggest you cold smoke and then grill the birds.

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