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Look at this lump (and associated Q-view

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This is the biggest single piece of lump I've ever gotten. Came out of a bag of Royal Oak.

This is what I'm smoking today

After red wine and garlic marinade

Rub applied

About to put her on the Horizon over cherry and hickory.
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Meat looks nice....DANG....huge piece of lump!!!  Show the q-views as you go along today!



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Yea the meat looks really nice and good luck with your smoke today, Im sure it will turn out great! Have a great week!

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Great looking piece of meat! That's a HUGE piece of lump. I bought 4 bags of RO Chef's Select and it's good stuff

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Looking good!

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Finished product

I ran it hot and fast today. 275 for 4 hours. Wrap and finish in oven at 235 for 3 hours. Blanketed and rest for 1 hour. Came out nice and juicy, if a bit less tender than when I run it lower and slower.
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Nice looking slices there!!! I got a piece of lump out of a bag this year that was 16" long and 5" in diameter!!!!
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finished looks great!  Nice and juicy!



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