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Simple Sausage Smoking

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Had great succes from this forum already for my first attempt on Pulled Pork - see thread


I'm from the UK and someone on this forum suggested I try smoking suasages to try out some seasoned wood I have from my trees which are Acer Campestre


I generally by english (virtually 100%) pork sausages from my local butcher which have natural skins


In the UK they are around 4 inches long and about inch across


... any tips would be great -thank you



Here's a pic of my modest smoker - beer for scale sausage.gif


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Nice smoker!!! Are you wanting bangers by chance?


You can also do a web search for english pork sausage recipes.

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Thanks for the links - Was not thinking of making them - just smoking them so wondering how I should do that
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" Virtually 100% pork" sausage??  It says 100% British pork.  So all the pork in that sausage is 100% British.  How much actual meat is in that sausage? 65%?  How much rusk ( bread crumbs )?  Do you have a butcher here in the U.K. who makes sausage specially for you?  I do.  The only reason I make this point is that sausage in the U.S. is usually 100% meat ( spices not included in either ) with the exception of certain specialty sausage.  You should taste Texas Hot Links!  To answer your question: smoke over indirect heat at 150c to 160c for about 1hr..  Can't do much with English Bangers.  Just be sure they aren't underdone.

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