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That's some Awesome looking pork!!! Great color on it!!! I bet it is delicious!!!

Nothing wrong with moving it to the oven, it probably had taken all the smoke it was going to at that point. Did you foil it or not? Looks like you have some good bark so I'm guessing you didn't!

Yes I foiled it at 164* before putting it in the oven. The bark isn't bad, but I'm sure it would have been better if I would've left it on the smoker the whole time. Next time I'll start it a lot earlier so it's not finishing at 3:30 in the morning! laugh1.gif

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Looks good and tasty, cook time seemed about right for the size butt you was cooking. Happy Eating

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I have gone Low and Slow on Butts with my MES as it will only go to 275*F and I usually do long cooks over night anyway.  The Guys are absolutely right about going Hot if you wish. I and my Dad have Roasted Butts at 325*F for decades and they always came out fall apart tender and plenty juicy. There is no shame in Foiling or finishing in a Hot, 300*+F Oven to feed the family on time...Lord knows No one needs a Hungry crew coming out every 5 minutes and asking, " COME ON! When are we going to EAT!?!?! "...wife.gif...JJ

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you can also cut the bigger pork butt/shoulder in half, which will help with the dreaded "stall"  plus it will give you a bit more bark..

That is a great idea. Thanks.

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