The dreaded plateau!

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by flarin up, May 21, 2013.

  1. I'm starting to think I'm doing something wrong. Its been 12 hrs and I'm only at 159*! It's been going up a degree every 20 minutes or so! My patience is running out. I know what you all are going to say...Have patience! Trust me, I'm trying, but it's not easy. LOL!
  2. kathrynn

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    What temps are you running in the chamber....and are you using a thermometer or the one attached to your smoker?  What smoker are you using?  Trying to get you some help!!!

  3. s2k9k

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    What are you smoking? If it is a 8#+ pork butt you are probably right on schedule. I've had 9#ers go close to 20 hours at 225*.

    If you are in a hurry and don't mind sacrificing some bark you could wrap it in foil with a little liquid, that will speed it up a little.
  4. I have a Char broil sfb, and I'm using a wireless digital thermometer, not a maverick, just a cheapie. The butt stalled out in the 150's forever. Temps have been between 225-250. Currently a little higher around 260. Butt is up to 163* now. It's been about 12.5 hours. Didn't think it would take this long. Thanks for trying to help me out.
  5. s2k9k

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    How big is the butt?
  6. It's a big one, over 9 lbs for sure. I was thinking my thermometer might be defective or something. Good to know that I'm on schedule! I'll just wait it out, and have it for breakfast. LOL!
  7. s2k9k

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    At 225* you are looking at about 2 hours/lb. If your smoker is holding at 260* let it ride right there, it will be fine and it will speed it up a bit!
    I started smoking butts at 275* because I got tired of them taking so long, they still come out as good if not better as when I smoked at 225*. I've been seeing more and more people going hotter to save time and fuel and getting Great results!
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    Foil it and bump up the temp to 275°
    Don't get hung up on the 225-250 being better. Its not.
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    Be "PATIENT" , all good things in their's done when it's done. If you doubt this look here:

      no foiling

      and still juicy.

    Be vigilant but patient . As always . . .
  10. My last but was about 9 pounds and took 16 hours or so to finish it stalled for 4.5 hours before climbing again. It was the best ppI've made so far.
  11. Butt update....Around midnight I couldn't take it any longer so I took it off the smoker, and into the oven for 3.5 hrs to finish up. Total cook time was about 18hrs. I am at 201* and am letting it rest for awhile before pulling. It looks and smells fantastic! Thanks to everyone for all the advice! Here's a couple pics!

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    Nice job looks great.

    I know your anxiety. My first butt the temps hit about 170 then started falling. Dropped 5-7 degrees and stayed there. Though my equipment was broken. Took 14 hours.
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    [​IMG]   looks like you did great to me!

  14. s2k9k

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    That's some Awesome looking pork!!! Great color on it!!! I bet it is delicious!!!

    Nothing wrong with moving it to the oven, it probably had taken all the smoke it was going to at that point. Did you foil it or not? Looks like you have some good bark so I'm guessing you didn't!
  15. Sometimes you think your thermometer is broken but relax and have a cold one. It will pass and the temps will rise to pulled pork.............[​IMG]
  16. sqwib

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    Just before foiling. IT was 160°

    Believe it or not I like the bark better with foiling, it gets a chewier texture.

    Well at least on my stick burner.
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  17. oldschoolbbq

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    Flarin, your Butt is nice looking ,BUT , with your leaving it on and not in the oven , you would have had a beautiful Bark .

    Just sayin' . As always , have fun and as stated , PATIENCE is a Virtue . [​IMG].

    Have fun and...
  18. redneck69

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    you can also cut the bigger pork butt/shoulder in half, which will help with the dreaded "stall"  plus it will give you a bit more bark..
  19. sqwib

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    Deboning and removing the fat and fat cap will help a little in quicker cook times but the little time gained is not worth it IMHO.

    Just run the temps higher and you wont regret it, keep the lower temps for Ribs.
  20. sqwib

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