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Chicken Thighs (Q-view)

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Haven't posted anything for a while and haven't been able to do much smoking.  I'm making a comeback this weekend.  Brined some chicken thighs for about 4 hours today and seasoned half with Famous Daves and the other half with Jim Beam seasoning.


P5191296.JPG 3,782k .JPG file


In the smoker for 2 hours.




P5191297.JPG 3,852k .JPG file




P5191298.JPG 3,819k .JPG file


Put on the grill for 10 minutes to crisp up the skin and added some BBQ sauce.





P5191299.JPG 3,839k .JPG file



Good stuff!




P5191302.JPG 3,701k .JPG file
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Ole, morning..... They look good....   Dave

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Thanks.  Apparently I'm out of practice posting pictures too.  lol  I wanted the pictures to show instead of having another link to click on.  Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually.

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Ole, to post the pics, click on insert image ( to the right of the arrow on the tool bar), click on up-load files, find the description of the pic you want to up-load "on your computer" and double click it.....   That will get you going....   Dave


This may help too....  I searched, "how to upload pictures" using our fancy search bar tools.....

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