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St. Louis Sunday

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Those of you that are getting to know me probably have realized that I suffer from a case of MADD.  Meat Attention Deficit Disorder  punctuated by an occasional bout of SPM Spontaneous Purchases of whatever meat may catch my eye.


Yesterday I walked into my local grocery store with the intention of buying WINGS to smoke.  Ive read much about a recipe named after a man that believe is no longer with this group. Gary / Scarbelly. Wish I could have gotten to know him....


So while making focused headway to the poultry section a sign catches my eye. "St Lou's On Sale". Dang...  Okay. The wings have to wait till next weekend.  


I trimmed the bits off and thick areas of fat and pulled the membrane. Then rubbed them with Algelo's Rib Rub and some Tony Chachere's.  These sit in the fridge over night. 



I've loaded them in my MES 40" . I'm using these rib racks for the first time. They are a bit clunky. I'm anxious to see if they make a difference. Typically I just throw the ribs on the grate. 

230 degrees.

3 Hours of smoke.

2 hours back in the smoker  foiled with a splash of SOFLQUE PB Finishing Sauce . I use that stuff on almost everything now.

1 hour unwrapped in the smoker.

Then I'll let them set a bit before serving. 


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Apple Wood Chips... For The Saint Loowee's


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looking good so far, love ribs.

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Show the q-views!  Love that cut of ribs!  Good luck!



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Lookin' great so far! Keep the Qview coming!

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Wrap em and Stack em

Ribs get wrapped in foil with a splash of SoFLQue Pulled Pork finishing sauce.

 2 Hours back in the smoker. 



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Okay. After 2 hours, I unwrap the ribs. I see really good meat pull back on the bone. Ready for the next step.


And we put them back in the smoker for the final hour.


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Looking great so far. 

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And this is what they looked like after the 1 hour on the grate. 

Simple stuff.


230 degrees

3 hours on the smoker

2 hours wrapped in foil on the smoker

1 hour unwrapped on the smoker.


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I'd eat that.  Great job.

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Those look great BD!! Nice pull back on the bones. Bet they were melt in your mouth perfect.

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icon14.gif Ribs look great!


I had my share today also biggrin.gif

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Thanks JP, Roadkill and Rooster  

 I always appreciate the kind words. Just a few left over for lunch today.  And I'm thinking that the ribs were actually better the second day!  

Big weekend next week.  Cant wait to see what ya'll are cooking up. 

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BD those are some good looking Louie's. Got me drooling.

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Great fav style of ribs. BB's are OK but often not worth the extra money IMO. Congrats on the banner as well....Willie

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Looks mighty good. My mouth is watering looking at those q-view. 

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Lookin' Great!
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Great lookin Ribs, you helped me make up my mind on what to smoke this weekend. Looks-Great.gif th_wsmsmile0ly.gif

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Those look great! Is the SOFLQUE PB Finishing Sauce the pulled pork finishing sauce?
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