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experimenting to get used to the new (to me) MES30

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yesterday was moinkballs, today ABT's.  just a couple each of jalapenos, Serrano's and habaneros, stuffed with goats cheese and a Trader Joes cocktail sausage, wrapped in bacon and smoked with hickory pellets in my AMNPS.  delicious!  going to do up a bug batch this weekend for a party, might stick them on the weber kettle instead.


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Looks good but Dude...Fill 'er up! Fifteen minutes in the Toaster Oven or regular Oven at 325*F, the Bacon crisps and they are as good as fresh out of the Smoker...JJ

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Nice job! Like JJ said, fill that thing up...they reheat quite well!

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Very tasty looking ABTs there, fixer!  We love ABTs! 



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I haven't had these before and wanted to be sure I would like them!  Sunday's batch will be a full rack and a full rack of moinkballs in addition to the rest of the food (brisket the day before, ribs the morning of, veggies cold smoked a couple days ahead then sauteed in oil over the grill, chickens in the smoker/on the rotisserie/spatchcocked on the kettle)


Also, I was running out of bacon so I skimped a little on each one.  Sorry for my sins, but there will be no skimping this weekend

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Now your talking! Knock 'em Dead...JJ

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Fixer they look very tasty. I love those as well. What the heck is a moinkball????? i want to make some. Reinhard

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basically Bacon wrapped meatballs

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Thanks Fixer.  That would be a good addition on a tray. A variety of meatballs with bacon sealing the deal. Reinhard

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