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New smoker

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This is the beginning ! My baby girl and number one helper .

The bottom door . Who dat !!
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  Welcome Choupic. Good to have you with us!  So you are building a brick smoker? Keep us updated. We love smoker builds! Congrats on the helper too. Looks like a future 'smoker' in the making! Who Dat!!



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Thanks ! Actually I'm almost done with it . The bottom part is brick I had extra and bought the cypress to build the top part with . Still have a few things to do to finish .[IMG]
The fire pit will be able to use propane or wood . That's a 10" 300# end blind for the heat with burner under .[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]

Almost !
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looks good! My little girl is 14m, she can help build the next one

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Getting closer ! Finished putting in the unistrut for the trays , and finished the sausage racks .
And I put lil stats over the cracks in the roof , still have to put the tin on top and add the smoke stacks .

This is one of the grills , hopefully be finished with one by tomorrow .

Ok that is the tray to hold the wood , when I decide to use wood instead of propane . Any ideas for a drip pan incase I decide to roast a hog ??
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The red brick is a nice touch. Your rack rails are a great idea, love it.

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Choupic, morning....    Hey, think about HVAC heat registers in place of a stack....   Install them on the side walls near the roof...   A stack could drip condensate on your food.... Not good....  sidewall vents don't drip on food.....   And near the bottom of the side walls also...  Dave



200x200px-ZC-e566dea6_102_1398.jpeg  200x200px-ZC-df79f378_102_1397.jpeg  200x200px-ZC-ce45d6a7_102_1403.jpeg

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