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I recently picked up one of the MES 30 analog smokers.  I've got a few other grills/smokers, but wanted something that was easy to use and convenient.


When I first tried using it, I had a hard time getting it to really make any smoke out of the chips in pan.


Temperature control was 'ok', but not ideal.


I already had this little pid controller I picked up off of ebay to use for a sous vide thing I was going to make, so I decided to just go ahead and rig it up to use for the MES.


I couldn't be happier with the performance of the PID.  It truly makes it set it and forget it.


Still had a problem with smoke, and the addition of the PID probably didn't help, since it seems like the heating element doesn't really need to run all that much to maintain a temp of 225.


So I ordered the amazenproducts AMNPS pellet smoker.  I was a little apprehensive about ordering it, because some people posted reviews about having trouble getting it to stay lit.


Well, my MES doesn't have any vents, other than a little hole in the upper right back, and another in the bottom middle.


I fired it up today and I have to say this seems like a pretty ideal combination.  I filled the AMNPS halfway with pellets, lit it, let it burn for a few minutes then put it into the smoker.


I did the 3-2-1 rib method and things turned out just great.  Maybe a little too fall off the bone tender for my taste, but that's the way the wife likes it.  A small sacrifice to make to keep the complaints about my purchases to a minimum.









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KBT, evening and welcome to the forum.....   Looks good.....   So are you happy with the controller and amnps ?????   Looks like it...



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Real happy with the controller and the AMNPS.


Now that I know it works, I need to clean up the installation a bit.


The controller really does a good job of maintaining the temp.  


Seems like it also helps the smoker to recover faster after a door open event since I can have the thermostat for the element turned up higher and just let the pid figure out how to regulate the temp.


The AMNPS did a great job and did a nice slow burn the whole 6 hours, and a few hours after I was done cooking.  It was really satisfying to see a nice thin stream of smoke coming out of the tiny hole in the back of the smoker the whole time as well.

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did you wire the pid inline with the heating element or is it a power plug type pid controller?

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Just did a simple in and out power plug type controller.It's working great.

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