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Competitions in Minnesota?

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Any competitions in Minnesota that anyone knows about? Would like to try my hand at one for the heck of it.
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I also live in MN and will let you know if I hear anything.  Depending on where you live there is usually a rib contest in my area.  But it is somewhat small.  Just thought I'd let you know.  

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Thanks Tucker, I'm in East Central Minnesota right on I35. About 45 minutes North of St. Paul
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Mackenthun's Fine Foods in Waconia, MN is hosting our 10th Annual Rib Fest Competition July 20th.  

Space is limited, register now, it's filling up! 

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I live in La Crosse, Wi and am doing the Med City BBQ comp in Rochester, MN on August 9th-10th. Still room available the last I checked for more people.

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There's one in Watertown, SD on July 19th & 20th...staged on near a lake for some great views I bet..beercheer.gif

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