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Thanks guys, I'll post some more pics tonight. Just about got the hinges done.
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Almost got the hinges done, but ran into the dreaded empty wire spool. Guess I'm gonna run to town, will finish them up tomorrow.

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Thanks black, still got a ways to go but I know if I'm patient, patenct, patient, can't spell, but you know what I'm trying to say. But if I keep at it gonna wind up with a kick ass smoker so I keep pushing forward. On the home stretch now and like hearing encouraging words to keep me motivated.
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Btw, I really want to give thanks to daveomark, he has guided me and gave more advise than I could ever obtain on my own lurking in these posts. Thanks Dave
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Control panel/box.

I realize I spelt Dave's name wrong earlier, I tried to edit it but can't in mobile version.
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Looking for any last minute suggestions before she goes to paint, prolly Tuesday or Wednesday. Gonna get media blasted then hit with high temp primer followed by high temp paint. Prolly take 2 days to lay coats on her. Very open to suggestions. Anything I'm forgetting?
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Done. Have a few more things planned for it but will get to that later.

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JT, evening.....Looks darn good to me....  Does it cook meat ??    we need pics....   Dave

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

JT, evening.....Looks darn good to me....  Does it cook meat ??    we need pics....   Dave

I think she'll do. I just fired it up today. Ran it for around 3 hrs at various temps to get a feel for it. I need to a plate made up with different temps for the thermostat. But in the meantime it's not to bad to dial it in. I had it set at 250 and it held within 1 degree for over an hour. I also have to remove the nomex seal from the firebox as it didn't hold up. Suppose to be rated up to 700 degrees, I don't think it got that hot so I think I got ripped off. All in all I am happy with it. I got a freezer full of meat so pics are coming.
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Well the first smoke with the new improved smoker is not going very well at all. But not due to anything I have control over.............
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Man I missed my smoker. Despite the downpour for 45 minutes the smoker kept chugging. Love having a thermostat. Only thing I had to do was raise the chip pan due to the rain making the burner go into overdrive. Which is easy now with the mechanism I made. Anywho, did a simple smoke. Got home at 2:30 and wanted to have dinner at a reasonable time so did assorted chicken. Just lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and smoked with apple and maple for around 2 hours at 310. Once I.T. was 160 I started saucing. It's been so long and we were so eager to each have our favorite sauces we decided to go with 4 different sauces and kept them organized with different colored toothpicks. After I built up 2 layers on each side I through them on the grill on high for under a minute on each side. Just enough to crisp up. So good. But really have to settle on a sauce the whole family likes to make it simpler. Plan on doing spares tomorrow, gonna be a late dinner but we have to get our fix in. Will be starting new threads after today for qview but any upgrades or future mods ill come back to this one.

According to my kids, no meal is complete without Mac and cheese. Unfortunately in this case it was the box stuff but as I get more familiar with the new rig I can concentrate a little more on the sides too.
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Good looking Q Johnny and a great looking "new" smoker. I can only dream of having 1/4 of the fabrication skills you have! Looks-Great.gif

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Looks like it turned out great for you. And the food looks good as well.

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don't quit it is very interesting . I am building a smoker my self and though about the idea using propane

and wood.  smart thinking   michel 

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Great thread - great read.


I've been toying with the idea of using the thermocouple/thermostat approach as well as a few other mods for a combination unit.


Decisions decisions followed more design revisions.



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I recommend doing. Some will say its the lazy approach but it has giving me more time for more smokes as I can turn out better food as I'm doing other everyday activities. And with thermocouple I feel way safer for me and my family. Got to say I'm loving all the mods I did and regret nothing. Other than going with nomex for a seal.
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all i have to say is wow awesome work

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Good job on the smoker and the controls JonnyT.  I have been watching and what you put together is beautiful. You have a talent there for sure.  :first::Looks-Great:



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