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masterbuilt xl needle valve

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Greetings! I am trying to finish up my mods and have a needle valve question. I would prefer not to do any cutting and splicing so I was thinking I would buy a pre-fab setup. Can I replace the original RJ-A-5/8 gas hose with a bayou classic model number 5HPR30? My concern is going from 1 psig to a 30 psi setup. Any help would be awesome!
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I have the same smoker and would be interested in the answer


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Here is the one I will be purchasing.  It has the needle valve inline which is what is needed to fine tune the temps.

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Simple fix for temp regulation: I inserted a lever ball valve in the 'chain' between the tank & the smoker.

Allows for slight adjustments and at the smoker's lowest settings and with the valve cranked down low, I can maintain low temps (130-150°F) for extended times. Perfect for sausages & jerky smokes.




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Thanks!  I will be trying the ball valve soon as that is easy for me to put in.

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I just modified my smoker with a similar setup.  I haven't cooked on it yet, but I was messing with it a little, and saw a couple things I didn't like.  Have you guys seen these.


1.) when I turn the ball valve down, you can hear a high pitch whistle sound


2.) when the ball valve is turned down for a lower flame, adjusting the regulator on the smoker doesn't effect the flame.


Not sure if these are real issues, but im all for suggestions.



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