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Hi from Jordan from Toronto

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My name is Jordan aka Luxury Pete (don't ask where that name came from, I'm not that luxurious). I'm from Toronto, ON, Canada.


I recently bought a place with a decent sized patio where I can add a smoker to go with my Q. I have tried forever to get a decent rack of smoked ribs out of my grill but as you could imagine results were less than fantastic. So finally I will be able to do things right.


Right now I'm evaluating what I want to buy for the new pad. So far I think an electric smoker would make the most sense. I'd like to get the Cookshack SM025, but the price is on the high side. I am not afraid to pay for quality/Made in USA, but I'm still evaluating my options.


I'll check back in when I have questions and when I eventually start smoking everything in sight. Glad to have found this site.

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Hi Jordan! welcome1.gifto SMF!!! We're happy you found us! You've come to the right place, we have over 40,000 members and over 800,000 posts so you should be able to find almost anything you want to know. Remember the search bar at the top can be your best friend for finding answers fast!

You might want to check out Jeff's Free 5 day E-course it will teach you all the basics and a whole lot more!

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Welcome aboard Jordan. Glad you found us. You're gonna love it here. Lots of great infomation and advice. Not to mention the folks are very friendly and always willing to share. Looking forward to seeing some of your creations. Again, welcome1.gif

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So I finally got my Smoker. Its the non-window version of the MES 30, or at least that’s what I believe it is—looks exactly the same but without the window, and over a hundred bucks cheaper.


I seasoned it on the weekend, and am going to jump into this smoking thing with side ribs. I haven’t gotten my AMNPS yet, so I’ll be using chips in the chip tray.


Here is a picture of my three Q’s



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Welcome fellow Canadian. I just started smoking last fall and wasn't having a lot of success until I found this forum. You can find so much information by using the search function to get to great posts on just about anything. The experienced members have been great at giving advice and answering questions. I'm sure you will enjoy the forum as much as I have.



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Congrats on the new smoker!  Be sure to show it off with some qview!



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Welcome..! I'm north west of GTA, great to see another local.
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Welcome Jordan!


Obviously, lots of help if you ever need it! Check the search function above for lots of recipes and categories.


Friendly folks to help if you need it.


Take care!!!

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Welcome from across the pond in Rochester NY.
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My first smoke, some backs from the freezer with a rub I threw on last night. I'll get my amnps tomorrow, but for today I'm using the built in chip burner. I'm not expecting much, but it'll be a learning experience.

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