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My UDS has a pretty large charcoal basket (15 inches in diameter).  I place wood chunks throughout the basket on multiple levels and use minion method, however, it only produces smoke for the first hour.   My wife is asking for a Christmas list and I'm thinking an AMNPS is the way to go (probably the tube because I want to use it to hot smoke 225-300). 


I see people building mailboxes to attached to their UDS or modding their UDS to allow for more airflow for the AMNPS.  Will the AMNPS not work in a standard UDS with a BBQ Guru?

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I could never get the AMNPS to work in my UDS. I like the mailbox mod. If i need to reload it just open mailbox refill the AMNPS.
I forgot who did this but someone posted cold smoking cheese with the tube smoker in a UDS.
And it work for them. I might get the tube smoker and try it
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