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Awesome Post... I was inspired to give it a shot this past weekend and they turned out great! I made a slight change to the rub though, using Cavender's Greek Seasoning, turbinado sugar and course black pepper.  I loved the idea of using the tzatziki sauce as a dip, so I followed your link and whipped up a batch.  The family loved every bit of it!  


Great post.. keep them coming!

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hey, everyone ~ please accept my sincere thanks for the kind words, and i am glad that it is sparking some discussion on trying a few new things.


wenrdog - i think that cavender's is an outstanding seasoning - use it all the time and it sounds like you made great use of it here! that tzatziki is indeed good, isn't it? i rarely use sauce for ribs, simply brushing on layers of a mop on top of a rub (followed sometimes by a glaze), but this was really, really good. and i think a perfect compliment for the gree flavours. will definitely be doing this again in the future, and i'm still committed to trying it with pulled pork as a gyro-style meal.


if anyone else wants to try this and has questions, let me know. if you do try it, please post on the results!



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Trying this today. Already pulled the trimmings and they were great. What really amazed me was the smell of the rub and of the rubs when I pulled them out today to let the rest and come to room temp. I'll post later tonight/tomorrow about my results but so far, its been killer! I'm also following your smoker temp profile on Foods of the World, so far that bark looks awesome!



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I tried this recipe about 3 years ago as an experiment for a Greek themed party. They were a smash hit.


I had printed out the recipe, but I lost it over a recent move.


I was wondering if you could repost the recipe, as it is not on the original post? If you do not want to post it there, could you message it to me?


Thank you for your time.


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