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Homemade cart for the Smokin-It #2. - Page 2

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Will do Barb. Give me a day or more.



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No hurry Dale as I just order the smokin it 2 for my hubby ! Thank you! Barb
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Not a day goes by that I don't wish I had the handy gene, it was left back several generations ago in my family 77.gif

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Your hubby is going to love the #2 Barb.



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Love your statement Michief. Maybe some day you'll find that gene. ?? :)

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OK Barb, I ran out in the garage during the commercial break of American Idol. :)


The following dimensions are for just the cabinet.


Overall height: 37 inches

Overall width: 31 inches

Overall depth: 19 3/4 inches. (This includes the face frame on the very front of the cabinet. This also gave me plenty of room for the plastic containers that I use to store my wood chunks.)

Width of the area where the smoker sits: 19 inches

Width of the top surface of the tower on the right: (Work area if you will.) 12 inches (This gives you the total width of 31 inches.)

Height of four blocks that go under each of the smoker's legs: 1 1/2 inches (This props the smoker up high enough to allow the drip pan to be used.)

Then I threw four 5 inch casters under the cabinet lifting it up to a final height of about 42 inches. Two casters are locking/swivelers and the other two are non-locking non-swiveling casters. If I were to do it all over, I think I'd change the two rigid casters to swiveling lock type casters. Not a real big deal, but I think it would maneuver a whole lot better with four swiveling casters.


Feel free to ask any other questions. I'd be more than happy to help you out with your cabinet Barb.


Dale. "Gramps"

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Thanks so much Dale! Dimensions look good and I will give them to Jerry with his new smoker! Lol. Smoker arrives tomorrow and we arrive to our NY home on Tuesday! Jerry has all his tools there! Thanks so much for doing this and especially interrupting your show! Lol. Our kids have the gas and charcoal smokers but I wanted electric as we are retired and the smokin it looks like a good choice! We got the 2. Thanks again! Barb
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You are very welcome Barb. Holler if you need any more info on the smoker cart.


The plastic tubs that I store my bags of wood chunks in were purchased at Wal-Mart. I do believe they're a well-known brand name (Rubbermaid perhaps.), so you'll most likely find them at just about any major retail store. They keep the wood nice and dry...and organized.


Happy smoking, Dale.

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