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Homemade cart for the Smokin-It #2.

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Just finished building a rolling cart for my Smokin-It #2 smoker. I made a couple small (but deep) drawers for aluminum foil, paper towels, rubber gloves, two timer/thermometers, etc.


The two casters on the left are swivel/lockable casters and the two on the right are fixed. Rolls very nice!!


Behind door #1 on the left is a set of three tubs that hold my wood chunks. Behind door #2 on the right is my liquor cabinet, fold-out 55" LCD TV, and chase lounge. :)





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Very Nice!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks TJ.



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very nice looking and appears really well built.

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That turned out very nice indeed 

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Great craftsmanship.

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What a nice cart.  Great workmanship.


From the marks on the driveway looks like you got a couple of "Helper Doodles" too

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Thats pretty cool - good job.

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very, very nice

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That is a nice fit and looks good also.

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Wow, that looks great! With none of the carpentry skills my grandpa had I ended up ordering the manufacturers cart, I don't think I can fit the TV or lounge in it though...  biggrin.gif

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Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone.


Very observant Ray. My wife and I have the world's greatest little neighbor kids. 6 of them 7 years old and younger. We come home to the most beautiful "driveway art". Plus their dad is a county cop with canine. We have entertainment and security all in one bundle. :)


As for the cart. It's working out nicely. Can't say I'd change a thing at this point. Normally when I build something, I discover that something that needs to be changed at some point down the road. But not for this cart. Maybe larger wheels, handlebars, and a motor. :)



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Great job, very impressive. Now build me one!

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Wow that's a great piece of craftmanship!!! icon14.gif

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That's some fine work there.

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Nice cart! I guess I should have built one instead of being lazy and buying theirs.
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Nice job!!!

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Beautiful! I just sold my #2 and about to order a #3. I need to build a little enclosure for it and you gave me some ideas.

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If anyone would like to have the dimensions, just let me know. I'd be more than happy to share them with you.



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I would love to have the dimensions ! Thank you very much! Barb37
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