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Ribs n Butt

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Hi All Here are some pics of my after Holiday BBQ. BB's ribs were smoked UNfoiled with apple wood. They were in for 6 hrs,spritzed with apple juice & vengear after 3 hrs. Half were suaced the others just the rub n spritz. Best ribs I've done so far.


The butt is another story after 12 hrs the temp was only 190, had to take it off storms were coming. Going to finished in the oven tomorrow. Wish it had more BARK




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more pics

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  Some good looking ribs!




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Looks like everything came out looking great. 

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Looks really good! I have to try those unfoiled ribs.

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congratulation_graphics_2.gif , I am so proud of you , biggrin.gif . You've crossed the dreaded "Foil" myth (IMHO). With just a little care , it's a cinch to do, better Bark and no melting on the bone , a little tug...biggrin.gif . Your color was great and the pull-back ...Well , good icon14.gif.


Now start a "BBQ Log" and record how you did it and with what...ect.

Good show Dan 439.gif ,keep up the good 'Qing'...


Have fun and...

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Ribs look good icon14.gif
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Hi All Many thanks for all the good complements on my ribs, even my wife said they were the best I've done. I really didn't do anything special, just let them cook away, for 6 hrs. This was the 6th time I did ribs, 1st time without foiling. The last couple of times the ribs came out greasy/fatty, so that is why I tried with NO foil and higher temps, when I could get the temps higher.My smoker is Electric so I really can't do much to regulate the temps .I think the higher temps did a better job of rendering the fat on the ribs.Hope to repeat it in the upcoming smokes.

The ribs were from "Targets" Back Loin on sale for $2.00 lb.Went yesterday morning to Targets to stock on some more, but the sale was over..



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They look very nice. I'll have a couple of bones.....biggrin.gif..if you can spare

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Pull Pork form a butt


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