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Thanks ameskimo1!   Yes, that's the one Masterbuilt one I am also consindering.  I did a lot of reading on it and everyone seems to love it, after dealing with what seem to be issues with the water pan and wood box.  I'm just really disappointed by their lousy warranty (one of the key reasons I'm shying away from the fancy electric ones).


David, thanks for the info, that's defintely good to hear.  I had read your post before doing to Lowes, and when I saw the pan, I was thinking that if I did the same thing, I would probably want to leave the corners intact to act as spacers at the back, and handles on the front.


David, a few more questions if you don't mind...

- when using chunks do you use them small enough to use the smoke box lid?  or just leave the lid off?

- If you wanted to, would it be possible to use coals in the smoker box?  Or is it too small to hold enough coals to give enough heat?

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I use pieces small enough to use the lid. I think the box would be to small to use coals. Haven't ever considered using coals since I have the convince and consistency of the propane.
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Oh, one more thing I was wondering....with the lip on the door and the rope gasket you put on do yiu have any problems at all with the temperature probes running through the door? Or do you run them another drilling small holes in the side or something?
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Run them through the door with no problem. Thought I'd have to drill but didn't.
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So I picked up a used Master Forge propane smoker a couple months ago and have used it a couple of times and now realizing it needs some mods. After reading through some of these forums I'm getting some good tips on what I need to do to it. I have a couple questions for some of you experts.
First, I was thinking about using the the water pan for burning the wood instead of the little firebox. Then fill the firebox with sand. Any thoughts on that?
Second, how much sand does everyone use? Just fill it completely up or half full or ???
Thanks for any suggestions or tips in advance.
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Water pan is full of sand and covered with foil. Don't see why you would want to use the water pan for wood. The wood pan is plenty big enough. All you need is some thin blue smoke.
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The wood pan just seemed kinda small considering I've been having problems with temperature control. I'm guessing from what I've read is that the sand should help with that.
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