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Smoking Pork Shoulder Picnic

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So I bought a real nice Boston Butt today from my butcher and dropped it off to the wife to refrigerate and when I came home after tball and dinner I found the butt in the freezer. I have a lunch I'm cooking for tomorrow so I went to Walmart and bought a picnic. Anyone have any luck with a picnic?

Here is my dry rub
Dark Brown Sugar - 1 1/2 Cup
Cracked Black Pepper - 2tbsp
Kosker Salt - 2tbsp
Smoked Pakrika - 1tbsp
Ground cayenne pepper - 1tbsp
Ground Cummin - 1tbsp
Ground Mustard - 1tbsp
Celery Salt - 1tbsp
Cracked pepper, Garlic and Herb (Lawry's) - 1tbsp





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BTW the shoulder is in the smoker right now I will load some presmoke pics soon,
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These Picnic Shoulders make great PP. There is more Bone and Waste but they have a good flavor...JJ

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bbq shots 001.JPG


Yep, Picnics are good , especially when they are half the cost of Buttsfrown.gif.

But you're right , they DO pull good . I trim the Rind and use it in other recipes , leaving the fat and Collagen to do the job of flavoring . Oh, and you get more Bark that way too biggrin.gif


bbq shots 009.JPG


pulled and in the Crock ready for the Finish sauce when we get to the Kids house.drool.gif


Have fun and...

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Going to start the process of curing a shoulder, and then of course smoke it. Any tips?
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Looks great!

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