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New Member Cris

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Hi all,

I live in Pleasant Grove Utah and have been grilling for 20 years or so. I have a Char-Broil grill with the smoker attachment that I'm fairly comfortable with. It is a good combo unit, but when smoking with it, it is somewhat labor intensive being charcoal heated. I just got a propane fired Brinkman barrell smoker that I am learning to use. I guess that's about it for an introduction. I am really pleased with what I have seen so far on this site.

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welcome1.gif to the SMF. Please fill out your information so we might have a better knowledge you and your equip. in an effort to help you with problems. I have a WIKI on wood burning control:


This may help you and make to :"babysitting " a Smoke more enjoyable , like smoking a good Cigar or sipping a good Whiskey , or whatever you enjoy - Coffee,Tea,Soda Pop ... and sitting there visiting with a friend or whiling away the time rolling over thoughts in your head . I'm one who enjoys showing off to my friends and Familiy ( the Kudos are so nice , and it's great to see Folks enjoying YOUR creations ).


Betty 003.JPG


My Tejas and ...


Betty 004.JPG


What she can do...


Have fun and...

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I agree that it is an enjoyable experience, but sometimes I have to be working in the yard and want dinner done when I am finished. It is great to have the meat done when I am done working and ready to have a cocktail and a hunk of good, smoked meat.

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Welcome, dude!

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Welcome to SMF There is a wealth of info on this site and remember we all love pix!

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Hello Chris and welcome1.gif to SMF 


Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location 

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Welcome to SMF.........glad you are here.............welcome1.gif

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